Red and Green Warriors

Arpita’s Dream

From Migration to Stability

Looking Towards the Future

Earning Her Independence

Ensuring Her Daughter’s Future

The Power of Joy and Optimism

A Good Reason to Keep Fighting

The Power of Saving

Today I am Proud

Dreams for Her Children’s Future

Saving for an Education

Gaining Confidence

Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

A Family Business

Women of Flor de Santa Cruz savings group meeting

Cultivating A Community

Learning Skills for Life

Economic Stability and Collective Action

Overcoming Isolation

Supporting Each Other

Creating a Supportive Community

Overcoming Adversity with a Smile

Mobilizing for Girls’ Education

More than Just Financial Well-Being

The Power of Perseverance

Moving Forward

Now We Are Capable Of Doing Anything

Growing Roots

My Life has Already Begun to Change

A Stable Future

Breaking barriers to education and equality

Renewed Hope

Women can do everything if they get the chance

Where Inspiration Grows

Her Road to Independence

A dream to achieve independence

Bringing the market home

Now I can give back

Reaping the fruits of success

Many paths to a brighter future

Becoming a decision-maker

Gaining the power to give

The power of determination

Women see us as an example

Overcoming the hungry season

Skills for a Lifetime

A new place to call home

Our days of migrating are behind us

Coming home from the brick kilns for good

A community leader emerges