2011 Annual Report

Trickle Up provides women living in extreme poverty with the tools to build livelihoods that grow their income, skills and self-confidence.

In 2011, Trickle Up helped 7,279 participants learn new skills, start profit-making businesses and take the first steps out of poverty. With each Trickle Up enterprise benefiting an average of five people, we helped change the futures of nearly 40,000 in India, West Africa and Central America.

Trickle Up serves women living in extreme poverty – on less than $1.25 a day. The women we serve have few financial resources, almost no voice in their household and are marginalized in their communities. Our program is an empowering process that leads to increased income as well as greater self-esteem, connectivity and control over economic resources and their lives.

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Form 990


2022 Annual Report

View Despite these challenges, the Trickle Up team continued to successfully partner with thousands of women worldwide. Women in our projects made incredible strides on their pathways out of poverty this year. They continued to build skills, take their...