Achieving Dreams

Padma is a Trickle Up participant living in Chhota Nagra, Jharkhand, India. She works hard every day to make enough money to send her 12-year-old daughter Sujata to school. Sujata already has dreams of becoming a doctor and finds time to study between school and her morning and evening chores. Padma and Trickle Up hope to give her daughter the opportunity to achieve her dreams.
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Sujata: “Every day I wake up at 6am. I do my chores. Then I go to school. My name is Sujata Barik. I am 12 years old. I like going to school. My favorite subject is science. I want to be a doctor. I also want to be a dancer.”

Padma: “Sujata is good student. Now we don’t have enough money to continue her education. But I am saving for her.”

Sujata: “After school, and after chores, is my favorite part of the day… studying.”

Padma: “I am going to give Sujata a better life.”

Sujata: “I love my mother so much. She works so hard for us.”

Padma: “I pray that she will succeed.”

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This scarf is not made by hand. It’s made by ambition, on a machine, bought with savings, that was earned with profit. It’s made by going further.

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Not Handmade


We go further