Alliance for Rural Inclusion

95% of households cultivated at least 5 different types of crops, increasing diet diversity.

The Alliance for Rural Inclusion (ARI) launched in September 2015 across 37 communities in the municipality of Ixcán, Guatemala. ARI provided economic, social, health, and education services to 100 caregivers of children with disabilities.

Guatemala has experienced a succession of political crises related to long histories of poverty, conflict, and structural exclusion. Today, 59.3% of people live below the national poverty line in Guatemala and approximately 23.4% live in extreme poverty. Women, people with disabilities, and indigenous people are overrepresented among the extreme poor. 


India’s Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a deadly turn in India, with a surge in positive cases and deaths across the country. To respond, Trickle Up is mounting a relief effort that will provide critical food supplies, PPE, accurate health and safety information, and...