Graduation Collaborations

Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM) and Trickle Up are working together to promote inclusion of people in ultrapoverty in Sundargarh and Bolangir, Odisha, through livelihoods development using the Graduation Approach. Project participants achieved positive results through inclusion in community institutions, access to entitlements, and diversified livelihoods activities. The project informed a new collaboration in Nagada to address emergency levels of malnutrition. By engaging community members in building their livelihoods skills and providing access to resources, they will strengthen their households and improve the overall well-being of the community.


Trickle Up, a global economic development organization, is working in India, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, and Vietnam and with organizations like UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, Concern Worldwide, and Plan International. Trickle Up has extensive experience working with the governments of India, Mexico, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Burkina Faso. The success of these programs has led Trickle Up to join four additional national governments in Francophone West Africa for incorporating Graduation components into The World Bank’s Adaptive Social Protection program in the Sahel. In India, Trickle Up is working in Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal and in long-term partnership with Odisha Livelihoods Mission and Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society.

Roundtable Objective

Trickle Up and Odisha Livelihoods Mission are hosting a roundtable discussion based on their implementation of poverty reduction policies, including Conditional Cash Transfers and adaptations of the Graduation Approach. The roundtable will enable policy implementers and partners involved in large poverty reduction programs from the six peer countries to share experiences, challenges, and lessons-learned.

Anticipated Outputs

  • The roundtable discussion will provide a forum for government peers engaged in large poverty reduction programs in six countries (India, Mexico, and Paraguay, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and Bangladesh) to share experiences and challenges in reaching the most vulnerable populations who experience multiple dimensions of poverty.
  • Discuss key considerations for designing successful poverty reduction programs - implementation framework, resource allocation, accountability framework for stakeholders’ engagement, and institutionalization of these components to strengthen service delivery system.
  • Determine the key lessons-learned, based on incorporation of technical knowledge to public policies and agenda supported by data, appropriate information, authentic field research, and social intelligence.
  • Define the gaps that exist in the service delivery systems of poverty reduction programs for the most vulnerable populations.

The outputs of this roundtable discussion may suggest a typical framework for NRLM to adopt and scale up across the country for unconnected villages, excluded groups, and people affected with distress migration.


Day 1, Monday, May 14, 2018







  • SESSION 1: Global Evidence Exchange: Addressing the Concerns of Communities in Ultrapoverty
    Session Chairperson: Dr. Kamal Kar – Chairman CLTS Foundation


  • SESSION 2: Community Testimonials
    Session Moderator: Kamalendu Paul – DPM-Bolangir


  • SESSION 3: Deliberation on Development Financing for People Living in Ultrapoverty 
    Session Chairperson: Ambuka Nanda – Tata Group, Odisha

NEWS RELEASE - International representatives aim to create livelihoods opportunities for the most vulnerable

LIVESTREAM - View live and recorded proceedings of the Roundtable each day on Facebook via Odisha Livelihoods Mission

Overview of the Graduation Approach by Dr. Syed Hashemi

Pillars of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission by Nita Kejriwal

De la Mano con PROSPERA by Carlos Piñeiro Meneses

Challenges of Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Net Programmes in Bangladesh by  M S T. Sultana Pervin

Key Recommendations of Mexico Round Table by Jorge Coy

Experience of Vietnam by Ho Thi kim Cuc

Experience of Paraguay by Giancarlo Camperi Cáceres

Day 2, Tuesday, May 15, 2018



  • THEME 1: Indigenous People & Poverty Reduction Approaches
    Chairperson: Jaya Sarkar – Vice President, Program Quality & Innovation, Trickle Up


  • THEME 2: Environmental & Land Issues in Natural Resource-based Livelihoods
    Chairperson: Jagdeesh Rao – FES


  • THEME 3: Vulnerability & Vulnerable Populations
    Chairperson: Phan Dinh Hiep – PLAN International, Vietnam


  • THEME 4: Financial Inclusion & Communities in Extreme Poverty – Key Challenges & Learning
    Chairperson: Shikha Biswal


  • THEME 5: Graduation Approach Components & Achieving Scale
    Chairperson: Carlos Piñeiro Meneses - Technical Secretary - PROSPERA, MEXICO


  • THEME 6: Innovation & Digitalization
    Chairperson: Sushant Verma – Asia Regional Representative, Trickle Up

LIVESTREAM - View live and recorded proceedings of the Roundtable each day on Facebook via Odisha Livelihoods Mission


Theme 1: Indigenous People & Poverty Reduction

Uplifting People from Extreme Poverty by Brajesh Das

Joint Program for Food Security & Nutrition in Paraguay by Edgar Gomez Leiva

Forest Rights Act: A Tool for Poverty Reduction by Seema Bhaskaran

Theme 2: Natural Resource-based Livelihoods

Natural Resource Based Livelihoods: Interventions by Tata Trust by Jiten Nayak

Lessons from Concern Worldwide in Bangladesh by Sayeed Mahmud Riadh

Theme 3: Vulnerability

Das Sutras for Self-Help Groups by Babita Mohapatra

Graduation & Community-based Inclusive Development by Efrain Tecu

Collective Action for Gender Justice by Maitreyee Ghosh

Child Protection by Nguyen Duc Hoang

Theme 4: Financial Inclusion of People in Extreme Poverty

Promoting Rural Livelihoods through Financial Inclusion by Albert Rosario

MicroSave & Financial Inclusion in India by Anil Gupta

Financial Inclusion for Communities in Extreme Poverty by Bhuban Mohan Pattnaik

Theme 5: Components of Graduation & Scaling Up

Concern Worldwide's Approach to Graduation by Helen Ann Ware

Inclusive Scaling Up by Sisir Pradhan

Day 3, Wednesday, May 16, 2018



    Nagada Village, Odisha, India

Conference participants visit community members and Graduation Approach and Financial Inclusion program participants in Nagada, Odisha, India

Day 4, Thursday, May 17, 2018



    Jaya Sarkar – Vice President, Program Quality & Innovation, Trickle Up
    Sushant Verma – Asia Regional Director, Trickle Up
    P. J. Nath – IAS, State Mission Director cum CEO, OLM
    Sisir Pradhan – Program Lead, OLM


In order of presentation

Sri. Pranabjyoti Nath – IAS, State Mission Director, OLM


Jaya Sarkar – Vice President, Program Quality & Innovation, Trickle Up


Samik Sundar Das – Senior Rural Development Specialist, Sustainable Development Department, Rural Development & Livelihood Unit, The World Bank


Dr. Syed Hashemi – Senior Advisor, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, The World Bank


Nita Kejriwal – Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, National Rural Livelihoods Mission


Sri. Nriupraj Sahu – OAS


Dr. Kamal Kar – Chairman CLTS Foundation


Jorge Coy – Regional Director Americas, Trickle Up


Carlos Piñeiro Meneses – Technical Secretary, PROSPERA, Mexico


Ho Thi Kim Cuc – Vice Chairman Dak Rong District People Committee Vietnam


Giancarlo Camperi Cáceres – General Director of Poverty Reduction, Paraguay


M. S. T. Sultana Pervin – Deputy Commissionaire, Kurigram, Bangladesh


Kamalendu Paul – DPM-Bolangir


Ghansena Tandi – TU & OLM Project Participant, Bolangir


Nalini Kak – TU & OLM Project Participant, Sundargarh


Kasturi Tandi –  Community Resource Persons (CRP), Bolangir


Depika Dandsena – CRP, Sundargarh


Ambuka Nanda – TATA Group, Odisha


Sisir Pradhan – Program Lead, Odisha Livelihoods Mission


Edgar Gómez Leiva – General Director of Cooperation for Development, Paraguay

Phan Dinh Hiep – PLAN International, Vietnam


Y. Giri Rao – Director, Basundhara


Jagdeesh Rao – FES


Sayeed Mahmud Riadh – Concern Worldwide, Bangladesh


Jiten Nayek – State Representative, Odisha, Tata Trust


Naren – Executive Director, Pradan


P. J. Nath – IAS, State Mission Director cum CEO, OLM


Efraín Tecú Sarpec – Program Manager, TU Latin America


Maitreyee Ghosh – Program Qulity, Trickle Up


Babita Mahapatra – Dy, CEO, IB&CB


Krishna Thacker – Asia Regional Director, MetLife Foundation


Shikha Biswal


Anil Gupta – Associate Director, Micro Save


Albert Rozario – Program Coordinator, Trickle Up


Bhubhan Mohan Patnayak – State Financial Inclusion advisor, OLM


Sunil Kumar Nayek – DGM NABARD, Bhubaneswar


Nilesh Singh – JSLPS


Helen Anne Ware – Director of Programs, Concern-Worldwide, Bangladesh


Jose Solis Franco - Director of Geoestadistic Information - PROSPERA, Mexico


Mukesh Dubey – Program Coordinator, Trickle Up


Manash Ranjan Das – State Program Officer Odisha, Trickle Up


Nirmalendu Jyatishi – FES