Learnings from Our New M&E System

Florie Bielsa, M&E Coordinator, explains how mobile data collection and cloud-based information management is helping us quickly assess project progress & troubleshoot problems.

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How Do the Men React?

We’re often asked how husbands react when their wives join our program. We find they’re some of the biggest supporters of the women in our programs!

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Living at the Last Mile

During a visit to mountainous Chahal, Guatemala, our M&E team meets Rosa, a new participant in our program for indigenous women living in extreme poverty.

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Born Leaders

The Tamahu Savings Network consists of 38 savings groups comprising 500 members from 28 different communities across Tamahú, Guatemala.

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Hitting Their Stride

This year, Newton Running and Trickle Up joined forces to help women in Lachuá, Guatemala, create their own small businesses.

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