Communities Confronting Gender Violence

Together, the women of one SHG were able to confront gender violence in their community. See how in the first of a four-part series highlighting the collective actions of Trickle Up participants in India.

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Walking with CRPs

Tanmoy Pal, Trickle Up’s State Program Officer in West Bengal, follows two Community Resource People (CRPs) who are trained as coaches for participants living in extreme poverty.

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Dreams Woven in Badhni Grass

Arpita Chatterjee, our M&E Manager in India, visits Rupa Devi and her savings group, who’ve built a group enterprise selling woven Badhni grass brooms.

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How Do the Men React?

We’re often asked how husbands react when their wives join our program. We find they’re some of the biggest supporters of the women in our programs!

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Connecting the Unconnected

Maitreyee Ghosh, Trickle Up India recounts her visit to Nagada, where 19 children died of severe malnutrition last year, and how Trickle Up is helping.

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Crossing the Digital Divide

Lopamudra is among 1,800 participants in a pilot project aimed at empowering women living in extreme poverty in eastern India with custom-designed mobile technology.

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