Savings & Self-Help Groups

Communities Confronting Gender Violence

Together, the women of one SHG were able to confront gender violence in their community. See how in the first of a four-part series highlighting the collective actions of Trickle Up participants in India.

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Walking with CRPs

Tanmoy Pal, Trickle Up’s State Program Officer in West Bengal, follows two Community Resource People (CRPs) who are trained as coaches for participants living in extreme poverty.

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Dreams Woven in Badhni Grass

Arpita Chatterjee, our M&E Manager in India, visits Rupa Devi and her savings group, who’ve built a group enterprise selling woven Badhni grass brooms.

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Trickle Up Expands to Vietnam

Trickle Up’s “Empowering Women and Youth through Graduation and Financial Inclusion” project will reach 7,000 households in Vietnam in partnership with Plan International.

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Debating Graduation

A new edition of Policy in Focus presents a multifaceted discussion of the Graduation Approach, including an article highlighting Trickle Up and UNHCR’s work with vulnerable refugees and other displaced persons.

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Born Leaders

The Tamahu Savings Network consists of 38 savings groups comprising 500 members from 28 different communities across Tamahú, Guatemala.

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