Savings & Self-Help Groups

Why Would I Feel Afraid?

“Didn’t you feel shy or afraid to voice your concerns about clean drinking water?” Sahana asked Maya on a recent visit to her community in West Bengal. She retorted, “No, why would I feel afraid?”

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The Power of Financial Inclusion

How does Trickle Up promote financial inclusion in India? Meet Saraswati Singh, a rural motivator in Odisha who leads her SHG and helps 12 other groups build savings and connect to financial services.

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Continuing the Growth of Self-Help Groups

Local SHGs in India formed a Village Organization to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges. See how they are working together to drive change in their communities in the third of this four-part series.

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Clean Water Advocates

One SHG works with their local government to bring clean water to their community in India. Don’t miss the second of a four-part series highlighting collective action by Trickle Up participants.

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