Trickle Up Earns Highest Charity Navigator Rating


By Michael Karam


Charity Navigator has awarded Trickle Up four stars, its highest rating.1 The 4-star endorsement from the nation’s largest and most trusted charity evaluator recognizes Trickle Up’s record helping the world’s most vulnerable people overcome extreme poverty while meeting the highest standards for financial efficiency, accountability, and transparency.


This is not the first time Trickle Up has been recognized for its commitment to the highest standards. The organization has also earned GuideStar’s 2017 Platinum Award for transparency and a 5-star rating from donor review website GreatNonProfits. “[Trickle Up] is a model for creating powerful motivation on the part of the world's poorest people, especially women, to take charge of their lives and their communities with start-up businesses to support families and send kids to school. Those who receive Trickle Up's modest grants (not loans) can truly say: "We did it ourselves!" writes Ron Nelson, a donor from Carmel, California, about his decision to support Trickle Up’s work.2


Trickle Up’s approach, called Graduation, goes beyond financial support to help people living in extreme poverty build a sustainable livelihood, become more resilient, and take an active role in their communities. When one participant succeeds, she sets off a chain reaction that empowers family members and inspires friends and neighbors. In India, for example, 92% of participants took action to advocate for community improvements, like wells and improved roads, vs. only 1% at the start of the program.



Why Would I Feel Afraid?

Like Maya’s, each individual story matters, but together, they form a greater movement of women supporting one another to demand and create societal change.

Trickle Up is also only one of eight nonprofits recommended by ImpactMatters, a charity evaluator that uses a rigorous impact audit to guide donors to organizations that achieve the highest impact. 335,000 people have participated in Trickle Up programs, impacting more than 1.5 million lives around the world since 1979.


But to achieve global goals to end extreme poverty by 2030, more must be done. Based on the latest data from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, there are still 600 million people living under US $1.90/day.3 Trickle Up works to leave no one behind, so that at the end of the next decade, we can eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere. “Earning Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating affirms Trickle Up’s ability to achieve our mission at the highest levels of financial management, accountability, and transparency,” Trickle Up’s President Bill Abrams said of the achievement. Trickle Up aims to reach another 1.5 million people by 2020 and equip governments, international agencies, and other organizations with the tools to lift millions more people out of extreme poverty worldwide in the next decade.


Michael Karam is Trickle Up's Communications Associate for the Refugee Affairs team and is based in New York, New York.