Connecting Women in Uganda

Trickle Up, AVSI and the World Bank team up to bring digital literacy skills and our tested approach to help women refugees and host community members in Uganda build sustainable livelihoods.

Trickle Up and AVSI are teaming with the World Bank to bring digital literacy skills and livelihood support to women in Uganda. Together, we will put the power of real-time information into the hands of women who are often left behind, counted out, or not counted at all.

Digital inclusion has the power to upend entrenched gender inequities, allowing women access they may have been previously excluded from or unaware of. It offers greater access to financial, livelihood, health, and education services as well as providing a source of social capital by connecting women directly to their personal support networks of family and friends.

Trickle Up and AVSI are introducing digital literacy programming for hard-to-reach and often marginalized lower income women facing displacement or in refugee host communities. Together, Trickle Up and AVSI will address the digital gender divide by ensuring more marginalized women are equipped with digital literacy skills to aid in their economic empowerment and well-being. The project will reach women with limited access to digital equipment and training opportunities.

Project participants will incorporate their new digital skills and tools into building sustainable livelihoods through the Graduation Approach, a holistic, time-bound, sequenced set of interventions combining financial inclusion, social protection, livelihood development, and social inclusion elements to address the unique challenges of the extreme poor and the multifaceted complexities of poverty. As women are traditionally excluded or marginalized from decision-making around livelihood choices, this project will targeted them exclusively as participants in order to empower them at home and in the community.

We are thrilled to join AVSI and the World Bank in this exciting new initiative building sustainable livelihoods, increasing connectivity, and promoting gender equality.

Sarah Soliman joined Trickle Up as a Business Development Associate focusing on institutional, governmental and foundational partnership opportunities in September of 2020. Prior to Trickle Up, Sarah served as International Project Proposal Support with International Business and Technical Consultants Inc. In this role, she conducted extensive global health research and revised project proposals for USAID. […]

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