Little pictures that tell the big story

Retiring President Bill Abrams shares a few inspiring stories from his 16 years at Trickle Up.

Leaving no one behind

Trickle Up focuses on the toughest challenges in ending extreme poverty: to reach the poorest, most vulnerable and leave no one behind.

Net Gains

Clara's earnings from selling fishing nets helped her withstand the financial shock after two storms destroyed her corn crop.

Rosario's Birds

Rosario is a single mother with a hearing impairment. As a Trickle Up participant, she has built a successful business raising poultry, has collectively saved, and is expanding her ...

Emergency Fund will Build Pipeline in Guatemala to Stem Future Flooding

In the wake of Hurricanes Eta and Iota, Trickle Up is funding critical infrastructure to divert water and protect the community of Yalijux, Guatemala from future flooding.

Extreme Poor Hit Hardest by Hurricane Eta

Thousands of families have been forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods as torrential rainfall from hurricane Eta burst riverbanks and sheared mountainsides in northern Guate ...

Pathways Out of Extreme Poverty

Trickle Up welcomes our new partner and funder, Mayan Partners. Together, we will reach 600 extremely poor youth, in Solola, Guatemala.

Not Handmade

This scarf is not made by hand. It's made by ambition, on a machine, bought with savings, that was earned with profit. It's made by going further.

Desde el Poder Local

Desde el Poder Local combines livelihood development with key interventions in reproductive health to deepen the impact of both.

Resilience During Crisis

With a Trickle Up seed grant and support from her father, 16-year-old Santa Irene invested in a small consumer goods store that generated profits needed to help them persevere duri ...

Enterprise & Resiliency

José Alfredo, is a ten-year-old boy with hearing disabilities in Ixcán, Guatemala. Thanks to the efforts of his mother, Catarina Jacinto, he now has hearing aids that allow him t ...

Expectation to Excel

Floridalma is 21 years old and lives with her husband and their three-year-old daughter in northern Guatemala. Using her Trickle Up seed capital, she began raising poultry and has ...