Does My Gift Really Make This Work Possible?

By Rhonda Zapatka
Vice President of Development and Communications

It’s common in January for nonprofit fundraisers to thank donors for their generous support, usually adding the phrase “your support is what makes our work possible” to almost everything we write and say. But what does this really mean?

Is your individual gift really the secret to Trickle Up’s success reaching the very poorest and most excluded women and families?

It is.

Each year, Trickle Up raises nearly half of our funding from individuals. This matters because these gifts are usually unrestricted. They’re flexible. In other words, our individual donors trust Trickle Up to put your money to work right away to help women and families in India, West Africa, Central America, South America, and Mexico transform their own lives.

Unrestricted support is what enables Trickle Up to avoid the temptation to chase restricted funding that might take us off mission or to work with populations the funder wants to reach rather than those who need help most.

Your generosity is what allows us to stay laser-focused on reaching the people who are most often left behind or excluded by other organizations and government services.

It’s why we can work with the very poorest women in Burkina Faso, West Africa, a land-locked country with little private investment ranked annually as one of the poorest countries in the world. And with savings groups of women in remote villages in Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal, states with the highest poverty rates in Eastern India. And with young women and people with disabilities in the highlands of Guatemala and Nicaragua, focusing on indigenous communities who have been impoverished, marginalized, and discriminated against for generations.

We couldn’t – wouldn’t – be able to reach these women and families without your loyal, flexible support. On behalf of those who achieve greater economic self-sufficiency because of your belief in their potential, our deepest thanks for your support and best wishes for 2017.