Ileana’s Dream

Ileana Anaid Sulub Cab is a business owner, a mother, and suddenly her kids' only teacher. In the face of all the difficulties the pandemic has brought, she's been navigating this challenging period with optimism and resilience. Buoyed by the support system they've created through their savings group, she and the women in her community encourage one another, share ideas, and lift one another's spirits.
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"I think that we women are strong. We're independent, even though we don't always show it. Sometimes we prefer to have another person to guide us, regardless of whether it's a father, mother, husband, or sibling. But I believe that women have that sense, that feeling, that they can. And we shouldn't let them tell us 'We can't do it.' Instead, we think, 'Of course I can.' For me, an ideal world would be one where women can express themselves and they'd be free to be who they want and no one's opinion is necessary for us to feel good. That is my dream." ‒ Ileana Anaid Sulub Cab

Ileana participated in the Empowering Women and Youth Through Graduation and Financial Inclusion project funded by MetLife Foundation.

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