Meet Lakhimuni Murmu

Lakhimuni Murmu is a Trickle Up participant from India. Here she shows us how she used her Trickle Up grant to purchase goats and to cultivate her vegetable garden.

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On a recent trip to India, Trickle Up staff were fortunate enough to meet Lakhimuni Murmu, a Trickle Up participant who was very excited to show us her goats and vegetable garden she had purchased with her Trickle Up grant.

“Didi” is a term of endearment in India meaning “older sister.”

First, she showed us her goats. When we visited in September 2010, she had purchased three pregnant goats with her Trickle Up grant. Lakhimuni used another portion of her grant to install the bamboo frames we just passed under for hanging vegetables.

Her vegetable garden, filled with eggplants.

Creepers are crops like gourds and eggplants grown to sell for profit.

Before we left, Lakhimuni surprised us with a photo we took of her and her husband when we visited her last year.

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