Meet the Mothers of Trickle Up and Honor Your Own

We are now less than a week away from Mother's Day. As journalist Campbell Brown put it so eloquently, mothers everywhere share the same hopes, " see dreams and opportunities in their children's eyes." So, in honor of the mothers who work at Trickle Up, we asked them:

What are your dreams for your children?

Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Vice President of Programs & Strategic Planning

Susannah and her youngest, Ilem, camping.

I’m the mom of three wonderful boys—Zimri, who will be 11 this summer, Kai, who is 9, and Ilem, who is 7. What I hope most for them is that they live long, happy, healthy lives, with the “happy” part being something that they define for themselves. That said, I can’t help hoping that a college education will be part of that. And if they do end up in college, then what I want for them is to throw caution to the wind and study whatever gets their little hearts racing. I want each of them to follow his passion even if that means something surprising and different and incomprehensible and even crazy to everyone else. My dream is to see each of my sons full of deep contentment and soaring joy and on the edge of the possible.


Mariam Maïga, West Africa Field Office Administrative Assistant & Field Agent

Mariam and her son Oualy Diagouraga.

My dream for my son, Oualy Diagouraga, is to see him to play soccer with Manchester United. I would be very proud to see him excel in the world of professional soccer.


Sharon Pollack, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Sharon Pollack (right) and her family (right to left): Adam, Nathan, Emily & Kathryn.

My children are teenagers now, and each day, the people they are becoming moves more clearly into focus. They are no longer the blank slates of potentiality they were as babies.

Now, when I look through their eyes, I still glimpse their wonder and surprise, as well as flashes of the world they dream of for themselves. They are what connects me to the future and I hope that each one of them is able to summon the inner resources, and the external opportunities, to have the sort of impact they want to have in the world. It is my dream that as they grow and find their own paths they have the freedom and opportunity to be the authors of the story of their own lives.


Daynelle Williams, Headquarters Office Manager

Daynelle and baby Taylor.

Working at Trickle Up opens one’s eyes to the lack of access to the most essential things a person needs to survive: food, water, shelter, and health services. Growing up in a South American country that could be considered a developing country there was access to healthcare, but it was not always the best. One often relied on tried-and-true home remedies passed down through generations to heal minor ailments, and prayed that they did not get so sick that they needed to see a doctor. Throughout my childhood I was often sick and remember taking home remedies to make me feel better. I also remember once these remedies failed, being rushed to the hospital, and having to wait on a long bench among scores of people before being attended to.

My experience in no way compares to the situation of the participants we serve, whose experiences and situations are much worse. I am grateful that I now live in a country where I have better access to healthcare. Now as a mother, this is among one of my many hopes and dreams for my daughter, Taylor, as she grows, to have good health and also to have continuous access to the proper healthcare she needs.

During pregnancy the question you’re asked most often is, “what do you want a boy or a girl?” My answer to this was always, “I would like a healthy baby." So far my wish has come true.


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