Newton Running and Trickle Up have partnered to help women in Guatemala
overcome extreme poverty and transform their lives and community

That’s where our journey begins

Newton Running and Trickle Up have joined forces to help women in Guatemala create their own small businesses. In Guatemala, 9.3% of people live on less than $1.90 a day. Newton Running is sponsoring the women of Rio Jolomche savings group so they can increase their incomes, access credit, and save for their families’ futures.


Over the next 18 months, we’ll be following Carmelina, Aurora, Petronila, and their Trickle Up savings group in Jolomche, a small enclave in Tamahú, Guatemala. Join them on their journey as they confront extreme poverty by coming together to find a voice in their households and communities, build new friendships, and motivate each other. Check back for updates on their triumphs and challenges and share what motivates you to #runwithpurpose.

The Community

Jolomche is home to approximately 400 families and has a primary school. Despite being located on the main route into the valley and the nearest municipality, the community faces high rates of malnutrition and extreme poverty.

The Group

24 participants from extremely poor households in Jolomche joined forces two months ago to form the Rio Jolomche savings group. They’ve already saved $150 collectively. They told us, “Everyone in the group is poor, but poverty has different faces in each family.”

Meet the Women


Carmelina Xol Toc

Rio Jolomche
Carmelina has six children, two of whom – Edgar Amilcar, 19, and Hugo Cesar, 22 – have suffered from untreated epilepsy their entire lives. With Trickle Up, Carmelina will build sustainable livelihoods, increase the family’s income, and be connected with healthcare services for her sons.


Aurora Beb Caal

Rio Jolomche
Aurora struggles to feed her nine-person family three months of the year. She weaves clothing and her husband seeks work to try to make ends meet. With Trickle Up, she will begin a journey out of extreme poverty by learning to build diversified businesses and save for the future.


Petronila Och Tipol

Rio Jolomche

Petronila’s mud wall home is at risk of collapsing entirely: one side of the house became flooded after the ground behind it collapsed. Over the next 18 months, Trickle Up will help Petronila increase her family’s income, stabilize her home, and lift her family out of extreme poverty.

Flor de Santa Cruz

Newton Running and Trickle Up partnered last year to help young women in Lachuá, Guatemala create their own small businesses. Over 18 months, we followed Hilda, Rutilia, Elvira, and Mirna, and their Trickle Up savings group, Flor de Santa Cruz, in the rural community of Santa Cruz el Nacimiento.


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Newton Running, based in Boulder, CO, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of performance running shoes for runners of all types. Newton Running’s patented Action/Reaction™ Technology provides dynamic full foot cushioning and lightweight cushioning, and as a certified B Corporation, Newton Running is committed to and recognized for a higher level of accountability, sustainability and philanthropy. The company was founded in 2007 with a commitment to give back. Since 2009, Newton Running has been supporting Trickle Up’s mission to help the extreme poor break the cycle of poverty.

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Trickle Up helps people in extreme poverty and vulnerability advance their economic and social well-being. We drive large-scale change by partnering with governments, global institutions, and local organizations. Trickle Up has been a pioneer graduating people out of extreme poverty since 1979. We’ve helped more than one million of the poorest, most vulnerable people move to greater economic self-sufficiency and connection with their communities.