Last year, Newton Running and Trickle Up partnered to help women in Lachua,
Guatemala overcome extreme poverty and transform their lives and community

That’s where our journey begins

Newton Running and Trickle Up have joined forces to help women in Guatemala create their own small businesses. In Guatemala, 9.3% of people live on less than $1.90 a day. Newton Running is sponsoring the women of Rio Jolomche savings group so they can increase their incomes, access credit, and save for their families’ futures.


Over the next 18 months, we’ll be following Carmelina, Aurora, Petronila, and their Trickle Up savings group in Jolomche, a small enclave in Tamahú, Guatemala. Join them on their journey as they confront extreme poverty by coming together to find a voice in their households and communities, build new friendships, and motivate each other. Check back for updates on their triumphs and challenges and share what motivates you to #runwithpurpose.

The Community

Nestled in the mountains in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, the isolated community of Santa Cruz el Nacimiento in Lachuá is characterized by its poor population, inaccessibility, and lack of arable land for cultivation. Its first settlers came from all over the province – after being evicted from their land, they were sent to this barren landscape where most families must engage in subsistence farming.

The Group

Flor de Santa Cruz was formed in March 2015. Before, no one had savings. They said, “We didn’t think we could.” Previously, these young women knew each other but not well, and had no reason to get out of their houses and engage in their communities. Now, they are happy to meet and are reaping the benefits of skills training, sharing knowledge, and saving.

Meet the Women


Hilda Cac Mez

Flor de Santa Cruz

Hilda Elizabeth joined the program shortly after her younger sister, Flora Adelaide. Hilda was attending meetings to support her sister and showing up in her place when Flora was unable to attend.


Rutilia Xol Chub

Flor de Santa Cruz
16-year-old Rutilia lives with her family of 10 – her 2 parents, 4 sisters, and 3 brothers. Her father and grandfather were among the founders of the community when it was officially established.


Elvira Xo Xol

Flor de Santa Cruz

Elvira’s father works on their small plot of land and supplements the income they make from their harvests by performing wage labor in the community, and occasionally at the palm plantation.


Mirna Xo Ical

Flor de Santa Cruz

14-year-old Mirna lives in a small house with the 7 other members of her family. Her father manages their small family plot, planting corn and beans while her mother takes care of the housework.


Want to #runwithpurpose? We know you’re passionate about running. You’re also passionate about giving back.

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Newton Running, based in Boulder, CO, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of performance running shoes for runners of all types. Newton Running’s patented Action/Reaction™ Technology provides dynamic full foot cushioning and lightweight cushioning, and as a certified B Corporation, Newton Running is committed to and recognized for a higher level of accountability, sustainability and philanthropy. The company was founded in 2007 with a commitment to give back. Since 2009, Newton Running has been supporting Trickle Up’s mission to help the extreme poor break the cycle of poverty.

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Since 1979, Trickle Up’s singular focus is unleashing the potential of the poorest, hardest to reach women on earth, people not otherwise served by government or nonprofits. Trickle Up has provided hundreds of thousands of women with business training, seed capital to start or expand a business, and guidance on how to set up and manage a savings group. Working in concert with local and international partners and governments, Trickle Up aims to reach dramatically more people living in extreme poverty over the next five years by replicating this approach and adapting it to new contexts.