New York Headquarters

William Abrams

Anais Angoulvant
Program Development Associate

Beth Eisenstaedt
Senior Development Officer

Lori Fried
Project Officer

Helen Greene
Development & Communications Associate

Janet Heisey
Director of Technical and Strategic Alliances

Maria Jankowsky

Tyler McClelland
Communications Officer

Dave Rivera
Donor Records Coordinator

Jo Sanson
Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Jaya Sarkar
Vice President, Programs

Swan Suseno

Alexi Taylor-Grosman
Program Director

Alexice Tô
Director of Program Development

Daynelle Williams-Edmonds
Office Manager

Rhonda Zapatka
Vice President, Development and Communications

Central America Field Office

Hector Aragon
Administration and Finance Officer

César Iván Juárez Barrientos
Field Coordinator

Florie Bielsa
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Jorge Coy
Central America Regional Representative

Efraín Tecú
Program Director

India Field Office

Dr. Ashish Das
State Programme Officer – Jharkhand

Manash Ranjan Das
State Programme Officer – Odisha

Sudip Das
Administrative & Accounts Assistant

Trishikh Dasgupta
Project Officer – Communication

Maitreyee Ghosh
State Program Coordinator

Sahana Ghosh
Program Associate

Fei Li Ling
Accounts and Administrative Officer

Jayati Mal
Assistant Project Officer – Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation

Amalendu Pal
Asia Regional Representative

Tanmoy K Pal
State Programme Officer – West Bengal

Albert Rozario
Program Coordinator – Financial Inclusion

Dr. Udita Ghosh Sarkar
Director Programs

Ravindra Kumar Singh
Director of Operations

West Africa Field Office

Kingsly Atem
Program Director

Paul Bandré
Program Director

Beatrice Batako Traore
Office Assistant

Franceline Caboré
Financial and Administrative Officer

Issouf Kaboré
Program Director

Elie Kogo
Program Assistant

Yéréfolo Malle
Regional Representative, West Africa

Rachel Nanema
Program Manager

Momini Sanou
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer