Featured: Photo of the Day

Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Trickle Up's Vice President for Programs and Strategic Planning, on a Field Trip in Guatemala

December 9th's photo of the day comes from Susannah Hopkins Leisher's journal entry on her recent trip to Guatemala:

"We woke up at 6:30 AM to go to Tonisaj, a remote mountain village that is home to 35 families. The trip started with a one-hour drive on a winding mountain road that eventually petered into a rocky mud track... We parked the car and hiked the rest of the way, another hour on a little up-and-down path over hills and corn fields studded with volcanic rocks the size of armchairs. Our visit included witnessing disbursement of Trickle Up grants to a group of new participants, and drinking their local seasonal specialty, siLIP (emphasis on the second syllable) ~ mushroom soup!"

Meet Heminia Lem Weaving Baskets Out of Cactus Bark (Guatemala)

November 30th's photo comes from a recent trip to Guatemala by our headquarters staff Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Molly Ornati & Sharon Pollack.

Meet Herminia Lem No, a Trickle Up participant from the town of Baleu in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Our local partner ACODIAV introduced the Trickle Up staff to Herminia and her two children, who went on to explain and demonstrate their Trickle Up business weaving baskets out of cactus bark. First, they take a local cactus called maguey and heat it over a fire to strip off the outer fibers. They then weave the fibers into twine which they use to make sacks to sell to farmers who cart fruits and vegetables to markets. What's competitive about this business is that these baskets only last for 6 months, so there is a constant demand.

Quote of the Day

November 12th's Quote of the Day from our India:

"Before the formation of our savings group, we knew each other only as 'the wife of Nepal' or 'the wife of Maldeb.' But now, in the group we know each other by our own, real names, like "Jasmi Tudu" or Kusumi Murmu!" - Lakhimani Murmu

Kolkota Field Office 5th Anniversary Celebration
Trickle Up India staff and guests celebrate 5th anniversary of the opening of our field office in Kolkata.