Overcoming the hungry season


Diedere Dicko resides in the small village of Bengasi in Mali, West Africa with her two daughters, son, and adopted grandson.

Before Trickle Up, like most of Mali’s rural poor, she did the best she could to prepare her family for the seasonal drought by using her late husband’s land to grow okra and peanuts. It was never enough to get her through the whole year, and during the dry season when she couldn’t cultivate anything on her land and the stores of food ran out, Diedere and her family were at the mercy of the hungry season.



With the help of Trickle Up’s Spark grant and livelihood training, Diedere was able to diversify and expand her business.

Today, Diedere sells salt, baobab leaves, and rice, in addition to okra and peanuts, and has brought in 15,000 CFA (approximately $30) in profit in 7 months. She is now making enough money to ensure that her family does not go hungry again.


Diedere can afford to provide for her family in ways she never thought possible. She chose not to spend her entire grant to expand her businesses. “During that time, it was difficult in the house. I decided to give my son 10,000 CFA (approximately $10) to pursue trading for himself.” Furthermore, Diedere was able to pay for two weddings – one for her sister’s son and one for her adopted grandson.

Her grant and livelihoods training gave Diedere the financial capacity and freedom to make decisions on her own accord as to how to better the lives of her family and herself.

Diedere Dicko of Mali, West Africa
Independent, decision-maker, breadwinner