Trickle Up Applauds Mohammed Yunus as Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize


Spotlight placed on microenterpreneurship will help those living in extreme poverty.


NEW YORK, October 19, 2006 – Trickle Up congratulates Mohammed Yunus on being awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in fighting extreme poverty in Bangladesh and around the world.


Trickle Up President Bill Abrams stated, “The work done by Mohammed Yunus is unprecedented. He created one of the largest and most successful poverty alleviation methodologies of our time. Like Trickle Up, he bases his model on the belief that poor people, if provided the right tools, can lift themselves out of poverty.”


Mr. Yunus has served for many years as a member of Trickle Up’s Advisory Council.


Trickle Up offers business training and seed capital grants to individuals living in poverty in order to start or expand their own microenterprises. Trickle Up works in 13 countries in Africa, Asia and Central America, plus the U.S. In the past 12 months, Trickle Up has helped start of expand more than 10,000 businesses and improved the livelihoods of an estimated 50,000 poor people.


Mildred Robbins Leet, founder and chair emerita of Trickle Up, said: “Mohammed and I worked together for years. He is an admirable man and we both care deeply about helping people help themselves out of poverty. The recognition of his work by the Nobel Prize is a landmark for all of the people and organizations working to alleviate extreme poverty around the world and ultimately will help lift more people out of poverty.”

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