Trickle Up Launches Seed A Dream Mother’s Day Campaign


Journalist Campbell Brown leading nationwide campaign that lets people honor their mothers while helping poor women in developing nations take the first steps out of poverty.


NEW YORK, April 18, 2011  Trickle Up, an international poverty alleviation organization that empowers extremely poor women to take the first steps out of poverty by starting small businesses, today launched their Mother’s Day Seed a Dream campaign. The campaign gives people a way to help a mother in a developing country lift herself from extreme poverty and at the same time honor the mothers in their lives this Mother’s Day. Trickle Up is partnering with journalist Campbell Brown on the campaign to draw attention to the plight of poor mothers and the extent and severity of extreme poverty worldwide.


Through the campaign, donors can make gifts to Trickle Up in honor of the mothers in their lives that will in turn help a poor mother launch or expand a small business. Mothers who are honored through a donation will receive a Mother’s Day card that explains the impact of the gift, and donors of more than $100 can choose to receive a limited edition, Trickle Up necklace while supplies last. Trickle Up friends will match the donation dollar for dollar to increase the reach and impact of the contributions.


“In seventeen years as a journalist, I traveled to many places around the world. But my view of these places changed dramatically when I became a mother,” said Campbell Brown. “In many parts of the developing world, women have never known what it means to dream of a better life. Their daily struggle lies in trying to provide their children with their next meal and figuring out where tomorrow’s meals will come from. Trickle Up’s Seed a Dream campaign enables everyday citizens to provide women with the opportunity to build a better for life for them and their families.


Mothers everywhere, even those living in extreme poverty, share similar dreams for their children: safety, health, education and opportunity. The only thing that separates them is a spark of opportunity, and the confidence to know they can change their destiny. Those giving the Seed a Dream gift are honoring a special mother in their life, while providing a poor mother with the resources, skills and confidence to improve her and her family’s quality of life.


“Our goal with the Seed a Dream Mother’s Day Campaign is to bring greater awareness of the important role mothers and women play in alleviating poverty, and to help raise the funds to support them in their efforts to build better lives for them and their families,” said William M. Abrams, President of Trickle Up.


Of the 1 billion people living in extreme poverty, 70 percent of those are women Trickle Up’s, and 94 percent of recipients are women. Women disproportionately bear the greatest burden of poverty—they are the primary caretakers of the household and are solely responsible for taking care of and feeding the children. Women born into the vicious cycle of poverty are often victims of circumstances that can be impossible to escape. They are given limited access to education, credit, land ownership, and household and community decision-making. Trickle Up aims to empower these women to make better lives for themselves, and in turn, for their families.


Trickle Up takes a comprehensive approach to addressing extreme poverty. The organization provides tools, resources and job training to the poorest of the poor in the form of small grants to kick-start microenterprises. The grants buy sewing machines, tools and goats—assets that build income and stability. They also create local savings groups that work like community banks; the members save money, make loans to each other, and pay one another interest that grows the group fund. In 2010, Trickle Up served nearly 8,000 participants, improving the quality of life for nearly 41,000 people.

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Trickle Up empowers people living on less than $1.25 a day to take the first steps out of poverty, providing them with resources to build microenterprises for a better quality of life. In partnership with local agencies, Trickle Up provides business training seed capital grants to launch or expand a microenterprise and savings support to build assets. Trickle Up works in five countries throughout Asia, Africa and Central America. To learn more, visit