Horacio Pellecer

Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator
Coban, Guatemala

Horacio Pellecer joined Trickle Up in February 2021 as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. He is responsible for monitoring of the activities and indicators of the current Trickle Up Las Américas projects, as well as the evaluation of the specific and general objectives of the interventions.

For many years, Horacio dedicated himself to social research in the areas of education, health and poverty, as well as the formulation and evaluation of social development projects, which in turn have involved him in the construction of logical frameworks, elaboration of lines grassroots and monitoring and evaluation systems.

Horacio worked in the FHI360 / USAI Workforce Development Program, as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist; as well as in the Fe y Alegría Educational Foundation where he was responsible for monitoring and evaluation of social projects.

Horacio graduated as an economist from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and obtained a master's degree in Measurement, Evaluation and Social Research from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. In addition, he obtained the following diplomas: Training of researchers in poverty at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO); Statistical regression models at the University of Minnesota; and Formulation and execution of projects at the Central American Institute of Public Administration (ICAP).

Horacio's research has been published by the General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

In his spare time, Horacio dedicates himself to hiking and mountaineering. He has ascended the 39 recognized volcanoes in Guatemala. In 2017, Horacio ascended the 13 highest peaks of Guatemala, with heights ranging from 10,000 to 13,800 feet above sea level.

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