US Must End Forced Separation of Children & Families

Dear friends of Trickle Up,


We at Trickle Up add our voices to those of citizens from all over the world, political leaders from all sides, and religious leaders of many faiths who are expressing their horror at the US government policy of separating immigrant children from their parents.


We oppose any act of cruelty and heartlessness anywhere, but the recent US government decision to separate an estimated 2,000 children from their parents strikes especially close to home for Trickle Up. Many of those families who are desperately seeking refuge in the United States come from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Honduras – countries where Trickle operates now or has in the past. And our work with refugee populations around the world, including in Ecuador and Costa Rica, has made us especially sensitive to the plight of families who are forced to make the painful choice to leave their homes and communities in order to escape poverty, war and violence.


Trickle Up helps people start on a pathway out of extreme poverty and vulnerability, and we rarely step into the realms of US politics or policy. We do so now because the separation of families and the virtual imprisonment of children transcends politics; this is a matter of fundamental human rights and basic decency. Separating families is a violation of American values and the global Universal Declaration of Human Rights, now in its 70th year of setting internationally agreed principles of human rights.


This is a moment when we cannot remain silent. We hope that each of you will find a way to join your voices with those who are demanding an end to the unconscionable US. administration’s immigration policies.




Trickle Up is one of 180 US-based international development and humanitarian organizations that are members of InterAction.  Its members are committed "to working with the world's poor and vulnerable, and a belief that we can make the world a more peaceful, just and prosperous place – together."  InterAction president Sam Worthington has issued this statement on behalf of the InterAction community.