Breaking Barriers

Learn how Trickle Up is fighting to get families around the world out of the cycle of extreme poverty. With training, support, and seed capital, our approach helps women gain the tools and confidence to transform their lives and break the cycle. Trickle Up starts here.

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Extreme poverty means isolation and exclusion.

It means hunger, illiteracy, and instability.

Powered by discrimination based on gender, heritage, and disability, it endures over generations.

It is a powerful force that affects almost 800 million people worldwide living on less than $1.90 a day.

Combating it isn’t easy. That’s why Trickle Up fights hard.

Our partners and staff join forces with policy makers and allies to understand the barriers that hold people back and break through them.

With training, support, and seed capital our approach gives people the right resources and the confidence to use them. To empower them to transform their own lives, to break the cycle.

Trickle Up starts here.

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Pathways Out of Extreme Poverty

Trickle Up welcomes our new partner and funder, Mayan Partners. Together, we will reach 600 extremely poor youth, in Solola, Guatemala.

Not Handmade

This scarf is not made by hand. It’s made by ambition, on a machine, bought with savings, that was earned with profit. It’s made by going further.

We go further

Poverty is isolation. It is hunger and instability. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break. That’s why we work harder. We work smarter on the plan and on the ground. We go further.

Not Handmade


We go further