Protection from Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (PSEA) Policy

This page explains the measures Trickle Up takes to keep the people we work with safe from exploitation and abuse. We at Trickle Up have a responsibility to ensure that such persons are treated with dignity and respect. We refer to this work as safeguarding..

Trickle Up’s safeguarding commitment is to ensure that children and adults are protected from any deliberate or accidental harms caused by Trickle Up staff or representatives. If any harm has occurred, you can report it by clicking below.

We believe all people, regardless of race, gender, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, language, marital status, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, disability, political conviction, or any other distinguishing feature, have a right to live their lives free from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. We recognize that there are unequal power dynamics across any organization and in relation to those we serve, and that we face an inherent risk of some individuals exploiting their positions of power for personal gain.

We have a number of initiatives in place as a part of our commitment to safeguarding.

  • Taking part in InterAction’s CEO Pledge on Preventing Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Harassment by and of NGO Staff, available here.
  • Re-working our safeguarding program in 2019, including completion and dissemination of a revised Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Policy and Procedure (which included input from staff, our peers, our Board of Directors, and our outside counsel). This document clearly outlines unacceptable behavior and details how to report it if it occurs.
  • Committing to training our staff on our safeguarding principles and our PSEA policy. This includes dedicating staff meeting time to discussing safeguarding issues and culture change initiatives.
  • Integrating PSEA principles and PSEA Policy goals into staff onboarding, including messaging from our President on this topic and determining that staff have read and understand our Policy.
  • Committing to the prevention of re-hiring perpetrators of abuse via more extensive background checks.
  • Completing in 2020 an intensive on-site safeguarding training and follow-up workshops in our India office.
  • Completing in 2020 a yearlong safeguarding project and associated grant that allowed us to draft and share low and no-cost safeguarding initiatives with other like-minded non-profits.
  • In 2021, joining the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme, which stops perpetrators of sexual misconduct from moving between non-profit organizations undetected.
  • In 2022, producing an onboarding video for new staff detailing Trickle Up’s commitment to our safeguarding policy and procedure.

    The full PSEA Policy and Procedures are available in English, Spanish, and French.