Proven Approach

Beyond a graduation approach

Our evidence-based approach is both cost-effective and sustainable. We partner with women to interrupt the cycle of poverty by investing in their families and communities.

Our Framework

Our work centers around four main pillars: economic empowerment, financial resilience, social inclusion & agency, underpinned by coaching.

Together, these elements provide the holistic support households need to forge pathways out of poverty.

Economic empowerment strengthens participants’ capacity to develop income-generating activities. Trickle Up implements a series of interventions, including, but not limited to technical skills training and asset transfer (cash or in-kind) to get micro-enterprises started; value chain assessments; and market linkage assessments.

Financial resilience means that project participants have the necessary skills, resources, and linkages to build savings and mitigate against financial shocks. Trickle Up supports this through facilitating savings groups, linking participants to financial products or services for their microenterprises, financial literacy training, and consumption support.

Social inclusion and agency addresses decision-making power and community engagement. Trickle Up works alongside our participants to provide life skills training, rights awareness training, and linkages to social protection services and programs from local government to strengthen decision-making capacity and self-confidence.

Act Globally

Who We Work With

We’ve spent the last four decades connecting people in poverty with undiscovered talents and opportunities. We share our approach with partners and policymakers to help them go further so that no one is left behind.

We design more powerful and effective programs through research and innovation.

We help partners and policymakers ensure that programs work for the poorest people.