Our Goal


When we target women as primary members of their households, we know they’ll reinvest in their families, communities and futures.

For each woman with whom we partner, we reach a total of five people in the community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A world free from extreme poverty.

How We Do It

We partner with women in extreme poverty to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion.

Our Values


Women are our partners

Our participants are the ones with the ideas and determination to end extreme poverty. Our approach enables us to partner with women starting their own microenterprises and improve financial inclusion. 

at every level

Our programs aim to reach the most marginalized communities including women, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, and people facing forced displacement. 

the ecosystem

650 million people live in extreme poverty. We can’t solve this challenge alone.

We work with incredible partners at different levels to support women forging pathways out of poverty.

More About Us

When we identify communities with whom to partner, we know that marginalization raises costs of even the most basic resources. We look for sustainable change by investing in women, their families, and their futures.

Our dedicated team comes from all over the world. We have teams based in Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, and India, so we’re always close to the communities we serve.