We won’t eliminate extreme poverty

Our participants will

When a fire destroyed Lakshmi’s home and business, her savings group came together to build her family a new house. Gifts like yours build supportive community.

Other ways to give

Donor-Advised Funds

Make a gift to Trickle Up through your Donor-Advised Fund. Contact Dave Rivera with questions.


Age 70.5 or older? You are eligible to make a tax-free gift to Trickle Up directly from your IRA. Help us end poverty by making your gift today.

Giving Stock

Stock gifts are the most efficient way for you to help us end poverty and can provide tax benefits for you. Contact Dave Rivera for details.

Employer Match

Many employers offer generous matches to maximize your gift’s impact. Check with your human resources department for help, and contact Dave Rivera to let us know your match is on its way.

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy of empowerment. Contact Rhonda Zapatka if you have put Trickle Up in your estate plan or are interested in doing so.


Every year hundreds of people come together to raise hundreds of thousands for women living in extreme poverty. You can be one of them. Purchase tickets or make a donation.

If you would like to donate by mail, you can send a check to our New York office.

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The women who were selected because of their extreme poverty, like me, have become great entrepreneurs today.

Habi Sawadogo

Llivestock owner, savings group president

Monpelghin, Burkina Faso