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Las Técnicas

Members of Trickle Up’s technical team share Indigenous heritage with our project participants. The FUERTE project allows them to connect more deeply with their native languages, ...

Meet Jane

Coaching is a key part of the Graduation approach and Trickle Up's programs. Read about Jane, one of our coaches in Uganda who helps her fellow refugees thrive despite displacement ...

New Partnership with Ministry of Gender in Oaxaca

Trickle Up staff visits Oaxaca, Mexico, to meet with and sign an agreement with new partners in the Ministry of Gender in Oaxaca. Local partners CAMATI and other stakeholders atten ...

Lilias' Journey

Lilias Amana is a force in her community in Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. But she didn’t start there. Lilias is a South Sudanese refugee to Uganda, having fled from violen ...

Building Partnerships and Catalyzing Impact

Nathalie-Laidler Kylander, President & CEO of Trickle Up, recaps her leadership at the AidEx 2030 conference Trickle Up's participation in UNGA 78 and reflects on priorities for ou ...

Trickle Up @ UNGA 78

Nathalie-Laidler Kylander, President & CEO of Trickle Up, recaps Trickle Up's participation in UNGA 78 and reflects on priorities for our programs.

Home Economics: Alumni Profile

This profile was originally published in Harvard Business School's Alumni Magazine under the name, 'Home Economics."

Becoming a Partner of Choice

As a partner of choice, we are proud to provide technical assistance in this program design and implementation to our partners who are experts in the local context. In other progra ...

Honoring Culture through Nutrition

On March 21, 2023, Trickle Up India Foundation and NIRMAN Odisha held a Nutrition Festival in Nagada, Odisha with the Juang tribe.

Susan and Jane

Coaching is a key component of our programs, especially in situations of protracted vulnerability. Learn how coaches and participants from the same community can support each other ...

Leveraging Technology to Drive Inclusion

This blog was originally published in Cisco's Transformational Tech series under the name, "Leveraging technology to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion for women in e ...

Panel: Women's Solidarity to End Poverty and Fight Climate Change

Alongside Solar Sister, ICRW and UNOPS, Trickle Up discussed the power of collective action and solidarity among women in building resilience towards climate change on IWD 2023.