Graduating to Resilience

As a member of the AVSI Consortium, Trickle Up is providing expertise toward improving food security and nutrition and building self-reliance and resilience among extremely poor households in a refugee settlement and host communities in Uganda.

Kamwenge District, Uganda

Trickle Up brings expertise in delivering the Graduation Approach to vulnerable people living in displacement to the Consortium led by the AVSI Foundation and funded by the USAID Office of Food and Peace. The seven year project was launched in 2017 and will support households in the Kamwenge District in Western Uganda. The project will also provide USAID evidence to inform future food security and reslience programming.

Our Progress

The Consortium is targeting women and youth to increase knowledge around nutrition, health, and hygiene, support sustainable livelihoods and and savings through the Graduation Approach. The project will also provide lessons about cost-effective ways of adapting and scaling up the Graduation Approach as a solution to extreme poverty for refugees and host communities worldwide.

Participants targeted

Women Participants


Youth Participants



community-based coaches are guiding participants

Savings Groups

savings groups formed with approximately 25 people each


Farmer Field Business Schools established promoting either maize, beans or groundnut production

Project Team

The Graduationg to Resilience project team is located in the Kamwenge District of Western Uganda.

Rose Wilder

Uganda Program Manager

Robert Dikua

Senior Refugee & Livelihoods Advisor

Project Partners

AVSI Foundation is leading the Graduating to Resilience consortium with Trickle Up and IMPAQ International . The project is funded by USAID’s Office of Food for Peace.