Arpana Nandita Tirkey

Lead Monitoring Evaluation Research & Learning Consultant
Kolkata, India

Arpana brings a decade of experience in the development sector to Trickle Up's team. Holding degrees from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and the Indian Institute of Forest Management, she has cultivated a rich educational foundation.   

Her journey has been a tapestry of collaboration, weaving together diverse stakeholders – from resilient indigenous communities to visionary women entrepreneurs and vulnerable rural families grappling with extreme poverty. Having seamlessly navigated partnerships across NGOs, governmental bodies, and developmental organizations, Arpana excels in nurturing stakeholder engagement, fostering capacity enhancement, and harmonizing intricate project orchestration.  

Specializing in livelihoods and entrepreneurship development, Arpana shines in project design, strategic planning, compliance, and project assessment. This dedication is substantiated by a track record of conceptualizing and implementing robust MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) frameworks for development initiatives.  

Fueled by a passion for creating transformative impacts, Arpana is dedicated to crafting top-tier outcomes that radiate positive change throughout communities and individuals alike.

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