Daniel Alfaro

Project Director, Mexico

Daniel Alfaro is the Director of the Trickle Up Project in Mexico.

For almost 20 years, Daniel has worked with Indigenous women, men, youth, girls and boys in Mexico and other Latin American countries, such as Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina.

Daniel promotes an inclusive, horizontal, and dialogical approach towards people, groups and communities, where he has focused on topics such as strategies for social and economic reproduction, organization, education for rural adults, training for work and life, development comprehensive and sustainable, identity, youth, gender, territory, citizen participation, governance, among others. Daniel Alfaro has been an independent consultant, advisor to public institutions, NGO manager and specialist officer in multilateral organizations.

Daniel was born in Chiapas, Mexico, the southernmost state in the country. He studied sociology, earned a master's degree in rural development, two diplomas in rural development and organizational strengthening, and has taught multiple workshops and talks on rurality, social organization, and popular education.

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