Kaushik Roy

State Program Manager, Jharkhand
Kolkata, India

Kaushik Roy joined the Trickle Up Asia office in 2022 as State Program Manager, Jharkhand. He is an international development professional with 16 years of extensive experience working broadly on poverty alleviation with families living in abject poverty.

Kaushik's areas of expertise include food and livelihood security, social empowerment, community development and institution building, strengthening local self-government institutions, evidence-based advocacy, policy change, design and management of multi-stakeholder programs. He has in-depth understanding of the capabilities, choices and approaches that make up the livelihoods of rural women living in poverty and strategies that facilitate sustained pathways out of poverty through women's participation and the strengthening local self-government institutions. He has also worked with grassroot members’ networks on addressing food and livelihood security through participation of the food insecure poor in the sustainable institutions and processes of local self-government.

He has been part of advocacy, policy change, program design efforts and has spearheaded large-scale livelihood projects with P&RD Department - Govt. of West Bengal, Department of Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Minority and Backward Class Welfare - Govt. of Jharkhand and RD&PR Department - Govt. of Rajasthan, and other livelihood projects supported by DFID, IFAD, World Bank & USAID-DIV. Before joining Trickle Up, on behalf of Bandhan, he played a lead role in program designing and headed the technical assistance and implementation support to State Rural Livelihood Mission, RD Department - Govt. of Bihar for adopting and scaling up of the ultra-poor graduation program, presently targeting 200 thousand ultra-poor families supported by Co-Impact and strategic advisory support from Partnership for Economic Inclusion.

Kaushik holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and a certificate in Gender Equality and Development. He loves to interact with people of diverse cultural milieus to understand cultural paradigms and strives to broaden his horizon and understanding to eventually contribute meaningfully to humankind. His interests include photography, traveling to far off places, and playing soccer.

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