Liliana Sánchez Gómez

Project Director, Colombia

Liliana is a seasoned professional with a Master's in Interdisciplinary Social Research and a specialization in Management and Development. With over 25 years of experience in the formulation, development, and monitoring of social projects, she has a particular focus on migration issues. Her work encompasses planning, management, design, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of programs and projects in social sectors, especially in migration and emergency contexts. Liliana has substantial experience in inter-institutional and inter-sectoral management and coordination. She has worked extensively with local, regional, and national authorities, as well as with international cooperation on humanitarian projects and sustainable responses.

Her previous roles include serving as a Specialist in Technical Cooperation at the International Organization for Migration (2004-2018), where she advised governments on migration management. She was also the Program Director of CARE International in Venezuela (2020-2022). Additionally, she worked as a National Migration Advisor for the Government of Colombia's Ombudsman's Office (2020) and the Unit for Attention and Reparation for Victims (2018-2020). Liliana has taught at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Honduras and El Salvador, and the National University of Colombia.

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