Magdenia Avicena Mejía Poou

Administration Officer

Magdenia Mejía joined Trickle Up in 2017 and is the Administration Officer in the office of Trickle Up Américas where she is responsible for the fulfillment of the policies, procedures, and documentation in administration, finances and human resources.

Magdenia began at Trickle Up providing professional service to support the financial administrative area. In 2018, she was appointed as financial administrative assistant and in 2019 she received the appointment as Administration Officer.

Magdenia worked for four years in finance with non-governmental organizations working to help children and adolescents people in poverty and five years in administration and sales. Magdenia worked as an Accounting Officer with Compassion International projects where she also provided logistical support for program activities with children and youth of the project. She also worked as a customer service assistant at Comunicaciones Celulares S.A. where she focused on communications, customer service, and digital technology.

Magdenia is a graduate of the Galileo University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Technology and Business Administration, and is a Certified Accountant. Magdenia is currently a student at an English Language study center, Diego Avalos English Courses (DAEC), where she is studying English.

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