Shoshana Hecker

Technical Advisor, Refugee Affairs
Washington, D.C., United States

Shoshana leads Trickle Up’s Refugee Affairs team in providing technical assistance and building institutions and organizations’ capacities to deliver the Graduation Approach for refugees and other people affected by displacement. Shoshana is responsible for providing oversight to the Refugee Affairs program portfolio, leading on the refugee strategy development, establishing and nurturing key partnerships and fostering program development opportunities as well as providing technical oversight for curriculum development and training.

Shoshana has over 20 years of broad range technical and management experience in international economic development, having managed and supported programs around the world, including in Chile, East Timor, Georgia, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. She also holds an MBA from ESADE in Barcelona, Spain and completed her undergraduate studies at Grinnell College in Iowa. She is a native of Washington, DC.

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