Stella Maria Valverde Polanco

Simultaneous Interpreter and Certified Translator

Stella started translating at an early age and her first degree as a Certified Translator supports her 30+ years of experience working for UN projects, embassies, NGOs, government agencies, attorneys, doctors and the voiceless.

Communicating with people, meeting people, and sharing their knowledge through television and radio shows has also been a part of Stella’s daily activities, guided by her passion for people and rooted in her academic background in religious science. Through Trickle Up, she has had the opportunity to translate for women living in extreme poverty who told her how their lives had changed. The women for whom she was translating shared that they were able to buy school supplies, medicine and food for their children because they had joined a savings group and started a livelihood. Stella has also worked closely with persons with disabilities who have been able to resist social isolation through savings groups during her time with Trickle Up.

Stella is honored to support translations and simultaneous interpretation for all staff calls or meetings with new partners and donors from all around the world that support Trickle Up’s work with women, youth, and persons with disabilities.

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