Utpalini Jena

Senior Program Officer

Utpalini, with 12 years of experience in social issues, specializes in transformative initiatives in livelihood and entrepreneurship. She has worked at Heifer International, BYST- Tata Steel, Tech Mahindra SMART Project, and Red Cross Health Project.

Her expertise includes project design, project cycle management, partnership management, and a focus on women's empowerment, social capital, entrepreneurship development, and FPC strengthening. She has experience in establishing and managing Women's Self Help Groups (WSHGs).

Committed to positive change, Utpalini uses SHGs as tools for economic independence and social empowerment. Her postgraduate studies in sociology and human rights contribute to her mission of empowering communities through strategic design approaches.

Certified as a trainer for entrepreneurship development by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Utpalini designs and delivers training programs to foster entrepreneurial growth.

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