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“The world has an astonishing chance to take a billion people out of poverty by 2030.”

Economist magazine
Surprised by that optimism?  We can make poverty history.

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“If I continue with my agriculture and business, I will be on top. No one can stop me!”

Pinky Besra, West Bengal, India
Trickle Up will help 12,000 women like Pinky this year.

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“The helping hand that your program offers reaches those who need it most.”

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General
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Trickle Up Joins Global Alliance To Include the Poorest in the Mobile Revolution

By | Central America, Extreme Poverty, Global goals, Guatemala, India, Mobile technology, Partnerships, Trickle Up | No Comments

Trickle Up has joined a global alliance to help women in the developing world use mobile phones to help advance out of poverty. Announced on September 29 at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, the alliance is led by Tata Communications, a global data and voice communications company, and MasterCard, a leader in global payments technology. The project will begin by reaching 25,000 women in the developing world, part of a larger vision to ultimately reach 100 million women by 2020.  Trickle Up will develop pilot projects to test how…

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Leave no one behind

By | Extreme Poverty, Global goals, Trickle Up, Women | No Comments

Last Friday was a historic day in the long march toward a world free of extreme poverty. Pope Francis used his enormous popularity to draw attention to global poverty when he spoke movingly at the United Nations (Echoing Trickle Up’s mission, he said: “To enable these real men and women to escape from extreme poverty, we must allow them to be dignified agents of their own destiny.”)  Later in the day the 193 members of the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap to more equitable and sustainable…

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‘This is Dignity to Me’: The Chili Farmers of Ekma

By | Extreme Poverty, India, Trickle Up, Women | No Comments

To be successful in business, it pays to choose the right business.  In the village of Ekma, in one of the poorest regions in India, growing chilies is the right business. Today I spent the afternoon with 15 women who graduated from Trickle Up a year ago.  They greeted us with flowers, handshakes and bows, a brass pot to rinse our hands, and a song of welcome.  As we walked toward the cluster of shady trees where we could sit and talk, a local villager kept the beat with a…

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"Now all 12 months we have food. We are doing more agriculture and vegetable cultivation. Now we have stored food for the lean period and are eating fish or meat every week."

− Fulmani Murmu, India

"Before, I could not even buy shoes for my children. Now, I always keep a large stock of shoes because they sell faster and make more money."

− Juliette Zida, Burkina Faso

"Now I own a store and I can give back to my community."

− Lilia Marina Tzi, Guatemala


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