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These three incredible women in India are more powerful than extreme poverty


“The world has an astonishing chance to take a billion people out of poverty by 2030.”

Economist magazine
Surprised by that optimism?  We can make poverty history.

That's our goal

“If I continue with my agriculture and business, I will be on top. No one can stop me!”

Pinky Besra, West Bengal, India
Trickle Up will help 12,000 women like Pinky this year.

Here's what makes us unique

“The helping hand that your program offers reaches those who need it most.”

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General
Here’s the evidence demonstrating how Trickle Up helps women.

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Make a “Gift with Meaning” that “is changing the world”

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“When a Yale seminar on economic development was given foundation money and entrusted with studying how to allocate the money so that it would do the most good, it ended…

Community Training

TU, Indian States partner to reach more people in poverty

| Extreme Poverty, Graduation Approach, India, Partnerships, Trickle Up | No Comments

In May 2015, Trickle Up (TU) partnered with the Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society (JSLPS) to help graduate households in the Indian state of Jharkhand out of extreme poverty. JSLPS…

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Trickle Up Tackles Extreme Poverty at ‘Graduation’ Workshops in DC, London

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This week, Trickle Up will participate in two important learning events, joining policymakers and researchers in planning how to scale the programmatic approach to fighting poverty used by Trickle Up, known…


Forging a Path to Dignity with Refugees

| Extreme Poverty, Partnerships, Refugees, Trickle Up | No Comments

The average length of time that a person stays a refugee is 20 years, often going well beyond the immediate conflict or disaster that put them on that path, and…

Now all 12 months we have food. We are doing more agriculture and vegetable cultivation. Now we have stored food for the lean period and are eating fish or meat every week.

Fulmani Murmu, India

Before, I could not even buy shoes for my children. Now, I always keep a large stock of shoes because they sell faster and make more money.

Juliette Zida, Burkina Faso

Now I own a store and I can give back to my community.

Lilia Marina Tzi, Guatemala