International Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship

"Women interrupt the cycle of intergenerational poverty by leveraging the resources they have. What drew me into Trickle Up is that they provide a solution to a complex problem."
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We are Trickle Up

Who is Trickle Up? We’re an organization that partners with women to end extreme poverty. Join us on this vital mission.

Las Artesanas de Jocolho

Follow Julia and Maria, a dynamic duo from las artesanas de Jocolho, Chiapas, as they grow their business and learn from their coaches.

Empowering Entrepreneurs to End Extreme Poverty

Empowering Entrepreneurs to End Extreme Poverty

Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, president and CEO of Trickle Up, joins Richard Brubaker on the Mission Driven Podcast to talk about Trickle Up’s unique approach to ending extreme poverty and partnering with women in the most low-resource settings.