2013 Annual Report

99% of Trickle Up participants are women and 14% are affected by a disability.

In 2013, Trickle Up provided 6,445 women with our program of livelihoods training, seed capital grants, and savings support. An estimated 35,000 people will benefit as result. Their families will have more frequent and nutritious meals, the means to send their children to school or to a clinic if they are ill, the ability to improve their homes, and increased savings to expand their businesses and cope with emergencies.

Trickle Up participants reported dramatic change in the quality and quantity of foods they grew, purchased and consumed; increased savings and reduced debt; and greater access to medical help at local clinics. Especially gratifying was the finding that 94% claimed to be hopeful about their futures and expected their lives to continue getting better.

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Form 990


2022 Annual Report

View Despite these challenges, the Trickle Up team continued to successfully partner with thousands of women worldwide. Women in our projects made incredible strides on their pathways out of poverty this year. They continued to build skills, take their...