Trickle Up

Global anti-poverty nonprofit
Trickle Up is a global anti-poverty nonprofit. We go further to bring breakthrough opportunities to the world’s poorest people.
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We go further

Poverty is isolation. It is hunger and instability. It's a cycle that's hard to break. That's why we work harder. We work smarter on the plan and on the ground. We go further.


Trickle Up put the power of mobile phones into the hands of women in India who strive daily to overcome conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability.

Desde el Poder Local

Desde el Poder Local combines livelihood development with key interventions in reproductive health to deepen the impact of both.

Adaptive Social Protection

Trickle Up supports the World Bank’s Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program with design, delivery, and research towards scaling up the Graduation Approach.

Intervention for Ultrapoor Households in Odisha

Trickle Up partnered with Odisha Livelihood Mission to develop and implement a strategy to promote sustainable livelihoods among the poorest households in Odisha, India.

Graduating to Resilience

Trickle Up is providing expertise toward improving food security and building self-reliance and resilience among extremely poor households in a refugee settlement and host communities in Uganda.

Empowering Women & Youth through Graduation & Financial Inclusion

Trickle Up is bringing Graduation to extremely poor women & youth across three countries & build institutional cross-country learning platforms.

Resilience During Crisis

With a Trickle Up seed grant and support from her father, 16-year-old Santa Irene invested in a small consumer goods store that generated profits needed to help them persevere during the Covid-19 cris ...

Town Hall with Jo Sanson

On July 29, 2020, Senior Director of Evaluation, Research & Learning, Jo Sanson discussed the objectives, benefits, and challenges of using digital tools to support livelihoods programs and examined h ...

Expectations to Excel

Floridalma is 21 years old and lives with her husband and their three-year-old daughter in northern Guatemala. Using her Trickle Up seed capital, she began raising poultry and has grown her savings. S ...