Trickle Up

Global anti-poverty nonprofit
Trickle Up is a global anti-poverty nonprofit. We go further to bring breakthrough opportunities to the world’s poorest people.
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EQUALS Digital Literacy Training

Trickle Up and AVSI are training women in established savings groups in Uganda on Smartphones and mobile applications to strengthen their access to systems, services, and benefits.

Unstoppable Women

Trickle Up presents 15 inspiring MPOWERED stories from the most important perspective—the women connecting to new opportunities through digital connectivity and livelihoods suppo ...

Town Hall: Countering Catastrophe

On May 19, 2021 Trickle Up hosted a Town Hall discussion with AVSI on lessons learned implementing a livelihoods program for refugees and host community members in Kamwenge, Uganda ...

Construyendo Resiliencia

Cómo Está Respondiendo Trickle Up al Cambio Climático

Building Resilience

How Trickle Up is Responding to Climate Change

International Women's Day Gala 2021

On March 8, 2021, Trickle Up held a virtual International Women’s Day celebration to recognize trailblazing women around the world through their stories.

2020 Annual Report

Trickle Up creates breakthrough opportunities for women living in extreme poverty. With extreme poverty on the rise for the first time in 20 years, our work has never been more imp ...

Town Hall: Building Resilience to Climate Change

On February 10, 2021 Trickle Up hosted a Town Hall to discuss the lessons learned with partner Concern Worldwide from adapting to extreme weather while implementing a livelihoods p ...

Programs Benefitting 92 Million in Poverty Come at a Crucial Time

According to the World Bank’s new “State of Economic Inclusion (SEI) Report 2020: The Potential to Scale,” economic inclusion programs are fast becoming a critical instrument ...

Rosario's Birds

Rosario is a single mother with a hearing impairment. As a Trickle Up participant, she has built a successful business raising poultry, has collectively saved, and is expanding her ...