Trickle Up

Non-profit partnering with women to forge pathways out of poverty

650 million people live in extreme poverty in the world today, defined by the World Bank as those living on $2.15/day or less. Trickle Up’s mission is to partner with women in extreme poverty to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion. We support women and highly vulnerable populations to forge resilient pathways out of poverty by starting microenterprises and building livelihoods. We drive large-scale change by partnering with local organizations, global institutions, and local governments, helping them adopt and adapt evidence-based, proven programming. Since 1979, Trickle Up has reached 2.3 million people through partnering with 460,000. We aim to serve 45,000 women this year, reaching an additional 225,000 currently living in extreme poverty. We have active projects in Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda, and teams based in India, Latin America, Uganda, and the U.S. Our goal is to reach 5 million people by 2030 by partnering with a total of 1 million women participants living in extreme poverty.

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Behind the Scenes: Reflecting on FUERTE in Oaxaca

Valentina Xu shares her internship experience in Mexico, visiting Trickle Up project participants in Oaxaca.

Maximizing Impact: The MPOWERED Program's SROI

MPOWERED partners with women in Odisha and Jharkhand to build sustainable livelihoods and end the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Read more on our evaluation of the social retu ...

Trickle Up & Tata Communications share the PoP app framework with Palash – Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society

Discover how Trickle Up and Tata Communications, in collaboration with JSLPS, are leveraging technology to empower marginalized women in Jharkhand through the PoP App. Learn more a ...

Carrying Inspiration Forward

Diganta Mohanty, Trickle Up's Asia Program Director, shares one last story from the field about his impactful work at Trickle Up.

2023 Annual Report

Trickle Up and our partners continue to create sustainable micro-enterprises and climate-adapted, resilient livelihoods in partnership with women in extreme poverty. Read more abou ...

Las Artesanas de Jocolho

Follow Julia and Maria, a dynamic duo from las artesanas de Jocolho, Chiapas, as they grow their business and learn from their coaches.

Trickle Up and Childhood Education International Collaborate on Global Curriculum Focused on Women’s Economic Empowerment

Trickle Up partners with Childhood Education International to co-create and develop a new global curriculum for women's economic empowerment.

The Power of Coaching: A Trickle Up Celebration

Trickle Up hosted its annual fundraiser on April 29, 2024, celebrating the power of coaching in Trickle Up’s programs partnering with women forging pathways out of poverty, and i ...

Sustainability at Every Level

Trickle Up partners with women living in extreme poverty to drive economic and social inclusion. Our projects integrate climate resilience to equip our participants with the tools ...

Impact and Scalability with 'Graduating to Resilience'

Trickle Up partners with women living in extreme poverty to drive economic and social inclusion. Graduating to Resilience is a consortium led by AVSI Foundation in partnership with ...