Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues alongside increasing economic uncertainty, displacement due to conflict and climate change, and global food shortages and interruptions, people l ...

2021 Annual Report

With an estimated 97 million more people thrown into extreme poverty and amid the challenges posed by a second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, participants in Trickle Up projects de ...

2020 Annual Report

Trickle Up creates breakthrough opportunities for women living in extreme poverty. With extreme poverty on the rise for the first time in 20 years, our work has never been more imp ...

2019 Annual Report

In 2019, Trickle Up invested $8 million in 170,000 people to help them launch or expand businesses that are uplifting more than 850,000 around the globe.

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Trickle Up served 160,127 people in 19 countries – more than twice the number we reached in 2017 and 13 times the level of just three years earlier.

2017 Annual Report

In fiscal year 2017, Trickle Up and our partners served 71,524 people – nearly six times the number reached in 2015 and Trickle Up now works in 17 countries.

2016 Annual Report

With each Trickle Up business benefiting an average of five people, we estimate that we’ve touched more than a million lives since 1979.

2015 Annual Report

In 2015, we helped 12,181 people in West Africa, India, Latin America and the Middle East – a 50% increase from 2014.

2014 Annual Report

Trickle Up strives to strengthen our impact in every household we reach.

2013 Annual Report

99% of Trickle Up participants are women and 14% are affected by a disability.

2012 Annual Report

Trickle Up's 2012 strategic plan expands the ways in which we pursue our mission.

2011 Annual Report

Trickle Up provides women living in extreme poverty with the tools to build livelihoods that grow their income, skills and self-confidence.