Panel: Addressing the Gender Digital Divide — Innovation in Kamwenge

Spotlighting the EQUALS Digital Literacy Project in partnership with AVSI Uganda.
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With the support of the Digital Development Partnership, administered by the World Bank, and the EQUALS Global Partnership Access Coalition, Trickle Up teamed up with AVSI Uganda to test two approaches for women’s digital literacy and inclusion. The cross-organizational team worked on the yearlong project with refugee and host community women in Kamwenge District, Uganda, already on their trajectory out of poverty.

On March 30, panelists discussed the creation of the digital literacy curriculum, the implementation of the project, and its impact.

Mariana Vanin, Director of Communications, Trickle Up

Juanita Adames, Technical Assistance Specialist, Trickle Up
Bershaza Katorobo, Communications Advisor, AVSI Foundation Uganda
Innocent Cwinyai, Deputy Chief of Party and Senior Technical Advisor, AVSI Foundation Uganda

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