EQUALS Digital Literacy Training

What happens when the world’s poorest women are trained to use Smartphones and phone applications to connect to market information and local service networks. Trickle Up is testing two training approaches to strengthen women’s digital literacy and inclusion to build the capacity of refugee and host women in Kamwenge District working to overcome conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability.

Kamwenge District, Uganda

Trickle Up and AVSI Uganda launched the EQUALS project as part of the EQUALS Global Partnership’s Access Coalition to test two digital literacy and inclusion approaches for extremely poor refugee and host community women in Kamwenge District. Using mature savings groups, the team will train women on Smartphones and mobile applications to strengthen their access to the systems, services, and benefits of Smartphones and the internet.

Our Approach

EQUALS is testing two approaches for women’s digital literacy and inclusion—animated videos only or animated videos with a discussion curriculum—to see which method effectively most empowers women who have recently concluded economic inclusion programming and are on their upward trajectory out of poverty and continuing to improve their lives and households.

The EQUALS project will provide insight on methods to meet the increased reliance on digital technologies like Smartphones, the internet and mobile applications for savings and livelihoods activities.

Participants targeted

Women Participants


Digital Connectivity


active participants will receive a Smartphone

Savings Groups

savings groups formed with approximately 25 people each

Project Team

Juanita Adames

Technical Assistance Specialist

Rose Wilder

Uganda Program Manager

Shoshana Hecker

Senior Director of Refugee Affairs

Leah Berkowitz

Director of Program Quality

Jo Sanson

Senior Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Avinash Rath

Global Digital Technology Manager

Project Partners

Trickle Up is leading the EQUALS Project with support from AVSI Uganda. The project is funded by the World Bank’s as part of the EQUALS Global Partnership’s Access Coalition.