Graduation Approach & Indigenous Peoples

Adapting the Graduation Approach for indigenous peoples

Trickle Up has implemented the Graduation Approach with indigenous peoples in Latin America in Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay, and in India in Odisha and Jharkhand. Generally, indigenous peoples live in rural areas, where the indicators of poverty are higher, and are characterized by multiple vulnerabilities and high degrees of marginalization. 

This document shares results from Trickle Up’s work in adapting the Graduation Approach to indigenous peoples in Latin America, a description of the adaptations to the approach required, and key learnings. 


Emergency Fund will Build Pipeline in Guatemala to Stem Future Flooding

Just two weeks apart in November, hurricanes Eta and Iota have devastated Central America. Heavy rains and wind, flooding, and landslides have hit Trickle Up’s focus areas in Guatemala – the Ixcán and Nebaj of El Quiché, and Senahú in Alta Verapaz communities –...