Lilias’ Journey

Lilias is a South Sudanese refugee to Uganda, having fled from violence and making the arduous journey with what little she could protect of her business and life back home. Among her key possessions were seeds. Lilias brought these seeds with her during her journey from South Sudan. They allowed her to start growing produce for herself and to sell at the market in Imvepi. Her coach worked with her to help her start a business and connect Lilias as a mentor for other women in the refugee settlement. With the support of this project, Lilias used these seeds to become self-reliant and resilient.
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My name is Lillias Amana. I’m from South Sudan.

I used to have business there. But when the war erupted, rebels burned down my house and were killing people.

We had to flee through the bush.

So we came to Uganda.

I came with the seeds from Sudan. I started selling vegetables like peas and okra, and that was the beginning of my business.

Trickle Up and Danish Refugee Council taught me a lot.

They gave me a good coach. She wants me to succeed.

She taught us household skills and business skills.

She taught us how to save our money.

Some profit covers our basic needs but most goes to business and savings.

By taking care of my customers I can make more profit.

Now I want to expand.

I have learned so much that other women come to consult with me.

Some have established their own businesses with the ideas I gave them.

My dream is to build a permanent house with a metal roof.

And I pray that my children will get an education.

So I must work hard, with my own hands.

And I know I can make it happen.

Thank you for your support and for believing in me.

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