Leading the Way

Mungli Lohar is a leader in her community. She has partnered with Trickle Up to teach women in her community how to use smartphones through the Mobile Connections to Promote Women’s Economic Development (MPOWERED) project to lift them out of poverty. Among Mungli’s students is her own sister. Mungli is empowering others to overcome poverty together.
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“My name is Mungli Lohar. I am from Chhota Nagra. I am in the Moshkal Women’s Self Help Group. I was selected out of many women to be a ‘Smart Sakhi’ (coach). I train other members. Trickle Up partners taught me how to use mobile phones. Now I am passing on these skills. My goal is to lift us out of poverty. We support each other. We borrowed from the group to start a small restaurant. We serve fish, eggs, bread, and samosas.”

“My sister Mungli is a good trainer. She gives us support and encouragement.”

“My sister is a good student.”

“Mungli can get frustrated if we forget something but she always explains it again.”

“Our future is bright. We won’t back down. I am a leader and we can achieve anything… together.”

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