Partnerships & Technical Assistance

Trickle Up has been working with local partners in India, Africa, and the Americas since 1979.

With decades of global expertise in moving vulnerable populations out of poverty, Trickle Up has become a sought-after technical assistance provider to larger programs looking to better address the needs of extremely poor and vulnerable populations.

Trickle Up has long worked in partnership with community-based organizations and local governments in India, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Burkina Faso. Today, national governments and large organizations like UNHCR are seeking our knowledge and assistance as they recognize existing programs often fall short of reaching those living at the deepest levels of poverty 


Leveraging Technology to Drive Inclusion

This blog was originally published in Cisco's Transformational Tech series under the name, "Leveraging technology to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion for women in extreme poverty". The Transformational Tech series highlights nonprofit partners that use...